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Consumer and Commercial Electronics Service Center

DLP/LCD Lamps We stock DLP/LCD replacement lamp units for JVC, Hitachi, LG/Zenith Mitsubishi, Panasonic , Phillips, RCA, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and other brand rear projection LCD/DLP/LCOS televisions.  For $119.00 plus tax, we will install a new factory original lamp into your existing lamp housing and inspect and replace the wire harness if necessary.  These are NOT generic replacement lamps with questionable performance and reliability. Please call us with your lamp part number (usually located on the lamp itself, or in the owner's manual) or the TV’s model number and we will verify in advance if we have the necessary lamp in stock and that an exchange is possible. This service is limited to walk in customers only, and you must bring in your original lamp housing. Complete lamp assemblies are available for models that we are unable to exchange the lamp unit, please call for pricing and availability. Some lamps are special order and the price may vary. We do not stock or sell lamps for front projection units.  We guarantee all replacement lamps for 90 days from original purchase.

Turntable Accessories Need a new stylus for your old platter spinner?  Along with replacement turntable belts and phono cartridges, we have hundreds of new and vintage styluses in stock.  Just bring in your old stylus or turntable and we will get you up and running again.  We also sell vinyl cleaning kits and in-line phono pre-amps.  

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